Thursday, January 21, 2010

Two Month Checkup

Ziggy had his two month well baby visit on Friday, January 15th, and he now weighs a whopping 13.5 lbs (79th percentile) and measures 23.5 inches long (56th percentile), which means he's added 6.25 lbs and 3 inches to his birth weight and height. He's turning into a stocky little guy! My mom likes to call him a little muscle man :) He is kind of buff looking for a baby. Time to start retiring those 0-3 months outfits--I keep trying to stuff him in them because they're so darn cute, but it's starting to get ridiculous!

He had all his two month vaccines, which did not make him happy at all! It was awful to see him tortured like that, but I know it's for his own good. I can't believe we have to repeat them again so soon though. He projectile vomited up all of the Rotavirus vaccine just after I told the nurses that he has a tendency to spit up. Oh well...

The doctor who saw him asked if he's always so happy and calm, and I said "Yeah, except when he's hungry or has reflux pain." Or when he has gas or is trying to poop, I also could have added. But overall, he's a really happy, zen baby. I love my little guy so much!

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Xin Lei said...

It's amazing how quickly babies grow, isn't it?! It makes me so happy to read that you are so blissfully happy...exactly as it should be! Love you lots Nika...we should set up a time to chat before you move overseas! Skype?